We Create IT Solutions for the Medical Industry

Medtech, healthcare CRM, mobile medical application for patients


SimbirSoft designs professional IT solutions to improve medical services, simplify the work at clinics, and increase the loyalty of the patients.

SimbirSoft is included in the world list of top IT companies and the global rating Software 500. SimbirSoft is #1 among the best IT companies in Russia according to Clutch agency.

Our specialty in healthcare system

  • Service delivery solutions
    Services for speech recognition during communications with the patient and for communication between specialists from different countries
  • Telemedicine systems
    Apps for remote medical care services in text, audio and video chat formats
  • CRM and ERP systems for clinics
    Solutions that record appointments with patients and help tracking the working hours of the doctors and clinic staff
  • Mobile applications for patient care
    Service for self-selection of clinics and appointments

Our healthcare business cases

A Service for Online Consultations
We have developed a solution that allows a patient to communicate with the doctor through text, voice or visual message remotely. This service is designed to get a quick and professional assessment of health. The system stores a calendar of consultations and appointments, and allows downloading the results of analyses, as well as sending them to a specialist.

The results:
  • More than 5000 daily users of the app.
  • More than 14 000 consultations.
A System That Automates the Doctors’ Work
We have optimized the workflow of the clinic network. We have integrated the calendar of appointments and the electronic document flow to the system. The application provides the possibility of intellectual document sharing, and cloud storage of personal data.

The results:
  • The volume of applications processing increased from 3000 to 80 000 per day.
  • Time for filling out documents was reduced by 24%.
  • Doctors' schedules and appointments were optimised.
  • The process before discharge was fully automated.
Patient's Personal Area
This solution allows patients to look through the list of clinics, select specialists, make appointments, leave feedback and make house calls. The system stores the entire history of visits, analyses and appointments of the patient. Customized notifications remind patients about the upcoming visit to the doctor and the analyses.

The results:
  • The weekly user audience is 30 000 people.
  • After the implementation of this solution, the company's turnover was increased by 30%.
  • Customer service time was redused by 50%.
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  • Technological expertise for complex tasks
    Working since 2001, we have accumulated a great experience that allows us to create the best solutions for the medical business
  • You get an ultimate partner for all your IT needs
    We take care of all technical details and you just get the required IT solution
  • You get the first result in the first month
    You can control the process of development at all stages and you will see the specific result after each stage
  • 100% of our releases are completed in time
    You will get the required project without missing any deadline


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